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The third category of white male submissive is interested whatever forms of degradation they can receive from whatever Black source that sees fit to dish it out.  They are unashamedly bisexual and, in many cases, prefer to perform sexual acts with black men.  Among this group are the most masochistic of the population.  They are constantly asking for approval and validation that they truly are inferior to black people.  They confess that they want to become slaves, stripped of their rights as a human, that they want to pay for the sins of any white person that owned slaves, and that they want to be degraded and humiliated for their whiteness. Their fantasies are extreme, many expressing desires to be lynched and beaten reminiscent of true slavery as part of their sexual fantasies.  Many tell me that they desire to become black and have romantic notions that they will become well-endowed athletes or big-bosomed matriarchal archetypes.  Several have requested books to read to tell them of a more accurate Black history than the limited exposure they’ve received.  I’ve had white men tell me that they go out of their way to hire black people, support black businesses, or provide daily acts of kindness to black people as their own personal form of reparations. 

The second category of white male submissive is the men that hold black women in the highest esteem.  These men love and desire the black woman far more than white woman and very often admire the natural features of black women that have long been rejected by society at large.   Big butts, dark skin, full lips, natural hair, and sassy and domineering attitudes are the attributes that they most readily describe as the epitome of beauty, black or otherwise. The  number of occasions when white men have said they want a black wife to pamper and provide for, to put her on a pedestal as the true mother of all civilization, are too numerous to mention.  Many times, they reiterate the same sorts of fantasies of the cuckold husband: they want her to have a black lover, but more often than not, they describe feelings of inadequacy because they believe they are unable to satisfy or undeserving of having sex with a black woman. They describe fantasies whereby they are forced by a black woman to engage homosexual acts as an act of punishment or for her amusement. They reiterate they same sorts of fantasies about cleaning Black  woman of ejaculate deposited by her lover, being denied orgasm, being “forced” to humble themselves before the black man to show their  unworthiness and inferior status.  The instances of white men telling me that they want to serve as human toilet to black women are so commonplace, so frequent, I don’t blink an eye any longer when the topic is broached. These men describe how it would be an honor to receive the waste of a black woman and how it is their duty as a white male to do so.  Many desire to be subjected to perform household duties for black women, seemingly with no sexual gratification in return, only the desire to be humiliated for their whiteness.  Most desire to form lifelong, loving relationships with Black women as adoring pets or servants and most refer to themselves as slaves. 

There are common themes and consistencies in their fantasies and the types of white male submissive men can be grouped into three main categories: white men that want white female partners to engage in interracial sex, white men that want black female partners and white men that want domination by both black men and black women.  The first group of men, the men that want their white wives or girlfriends to engage in interracial sex, are known as cuckolds.   Cuckolds are men that get arousal from having a white wife, commonly referred to as a “slut wife,” that has multiple black lovers. The husband is forced to live a life of sexual denial and servitude while the wife has sex with these so called “superior black bulls.”  Servitude can include anything from getting the wife ready for her lover to cleaning her orally after her lover has ejaculated inside her, to orally or anally servicing the black lover himself. Many times, the sexual component is heightened if there is some level of implied “extortion” or money demanded of the white submissive male to perform theses homoerotic acts.  I’ve had innumerous white men tell me that they want their wives to be “black bred”, meaning impregnated by a black man and they are sexually aroused by the idea of their wives forcing them to raise a biracial child as their own.  There’s little doubt that the origins of these fantasies are steeped in the mythical “Big Black Mandingo” stereotype as they profess love for his abnormally large penis while begging to be taunted and humiliated for their comparatively small endowment.  Sexual submission is usually limited to the bedroom for these men because they seem to be able to compartmentalize the fact that they are only inferior because of their perceived, small penis and, on occasion, express angst that they have fantasies of seeing the black man as superior, even if it is only in a sexual situation. 

One can’t pick up a magazine or listen to a discussion about the black community these days without reading about “DL brothas”, or black men that have sex with other men while representing themselves as heterosexual.  There is a homoparanoia and fear that is largely media driven that is telling black women that they need to question every black man they meet because he might be having sex with other men.  Certainly, one has to believe that black men must be driven by their desires more than any other portion of the population because this “DL” trend is so rampant among black men, according to every single, solitary book, article, and discussion prevalent today. 

I have the unique opportunity to be in a position where people come to me and tell me their fantasies as a function of my career.  There is a HUGE and very stealth underground sexual movement that is growing that has escaped any mainstream examination whatsoever.  While black men’s sexual practices have been put under a microscope and they have been demonized in the media as sexually irresponsible and morally bankrupt latent “faggots,” white men have been able to slip under the radar, with stealth efficacy, with their sexual secrets. The numbers of white men that come to me and tell me that they have fantasies of being sexually submissive, not only to black women, but also to black men, is STAGGERING.  Literally, thousands of white men have approached me in the last several years, all reiterating very much the same themes in their desires, that they believe that white people are inferior, that they want to pay for the atrocities of slavery by their sexual servitude to black people, that black people are more beautiful.

silv3rtongu3 asked:

Why so much black/white interracial in your blog? If your goal is to fill a void of black erotica, why include the interracial? There is no void for this type of material, it's become very mainstream however black love is still put down and hidden. Curious about the compromise. Also I love the fact that you include men/women of different body types.

I don’t have “so much” interracial content in my blog.  I have a small percentage as the vast majority of my content is BLACK.  I will, however, show Black people in non degrading, non stereotypical, non pornographic interracial images for those who want to form relationships across color lines and not be subjected to the inherent racism that is prevalent in so many images.  And, while I’m at it, I will show lesbian, bisexual, gay, and transgendered images as well because ALL people of African descent deserve to see themselves in a positive, healthy, erotic light, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender. 

You must have a set of emotional criteria that you feel is essential for what constitutes a loving relationship for you.  You must define your emotional boundaries and establish what you need emotionally in a relationship and you have to demand that from your partner.  What does that mean?  Everyone has different things that would make them feel loved and valued, you have to have that clearly defined in your head and then seek a partner that is willing to help you paint that picture.  If you meet someone and they can’t subscribe to your vision of love, if its too much of a burden for them to do the things you need to feed you emotionally, that’s not the person for you.  For some people, you need a partner that will call you every day and check in with you just to make sure you are doing okay.  For others, it means you need physical affection, constant hugs and kisses, and intimacy.  Others still might need a relationship in which there is no fighting.  You have to know what you want your relationship to look like in order for you to be able to achieve it.  The trick is to identify the emotional things that build strong relationships and not the material things that damage them. 

Suppose, as a woman, you think love is having a man buy you all sorts of thing and pay all your bills.  You seek that out in a partner and then he beats you, controls your every move, you feel trapped.  What you’ve done is identify a selfish material need, not an emotional need.  The emotional need would be to feel security.  Security comes in many forms and can be expressed in lots of ways.  If your man helps you organize your bills so you can pay them on time yourself, helps you get your resume together so you can get a better job with more income, quizzes you with interview questions, if he helps you plan a budget so that you can save to buy a house and you won’t have to be uprooted once a year, that’s meeting your emotional needs, not your physical ones.  If, as a man, you want a relationship where you have a woman that looks like she stepped off the cover of a magazine or a video set every day in order to show other men that you are better than them, in order to prove that you have what it takes to get the best looking woman, what you are looking for emotionally is confidence and self esteem.  That can’t come from a woman; true confidence and self-esteem must come from inside.  That woman that has her hair done all the time, her nails and toes painted to match, that wears the designer outfit in her two-seater, convertible sports car will not honor you as a man, she will use you for your money and move on when the next man with more money offers to buy her.  The woman that will help you go back to school and get your degree, and who will get up at 5 am on a Saturday morning to help you train for that marathon is the woman that will support your accomplishments and be a loving partner.  As long as you go for the packaging and not what’s inside, you’ll be doomed to be miserable in your relationships.

First and foremost, in order to build a healthy and strong relationship, you must, you MUST look at why you are the way you are.  You have to figure out why you like the men that don’t like you, why you choose the women that need to be rescued and then you resent them when they ask you for security.  You have to look at the reasons behind why you fall in love in a week and then three months later you hate that person like they are a serial killer.  Why do you continue to love people that don’t love you?  Why do you feel like your life is over when you get rejected?  All of the reasons why we behave the way we do are set up in our childhood.  We duplicate the things we experienced in our childhood so we must figure out what caused us to be the way we are.  Your dad wasn’t around, your mother played the martyr “Strong Black woman” icon, you saw her have a string of no good men come in and out of your life, you wanted your daddy to love you, you wanted to be like your daddy, cool and aloof and unattached … whatever the belief system, you have to figure that out first and foremost so you can identify the pattern in your relationships and work to correct it.  When you see that red flag pop up, you can understand where it comes from and then work towards moving to a healthier place.  The problem with looking at our past is that it’s painful.  We don’t want to have to face the fact that we think we are unworthy of love because we feel fat, ugly, insecure, or flawed.  We don’t want to admit to ourselves that we have fears of abandonment from when we had to go live with our auntie when we were little.  It is that acknowledgement and that ability to examine YOUR OWN LIFE that will make you a better person in a relationship and without that, you are doomed to continue to perpetuate those same horrible relationships over and over again.

A healthy relationship must be built on integrity and selflessness.  Integrity means steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code and selflessness means exhibiting, or motivated by NO concern for oneself; unselfish.  Those are foreign words to most people these days because we’ve been socialized to look out for self.  The idea of putting another person’s feelings above our own is impossible for some people to grasp.  You can’t be in a healthy relationship if you lie, cheat, or make choices that benefit you and not your partner.  Every choice, every decision, every move you make has to benefit your partner or your relationship.  Now, here’s the rub.  Your partner has to have the same commitment to the relationship in order for it to work.  You can’t say, “I love XYZ, but I have to go out on Friday night to party because that’s what I love to do and if they don’t like it, too bad.”  Well, that’s not entirely true.  You can say that but you will be in a very unhealthy relationship if you do.  To be in a healthy relationship, you have to put your needs last and have a partner that is willing to put their needs last as well.  If both of you are working on building a relationship where you honor and love the other person, where you put the other person’s needs ahead of your own, both of you will be in a relationship where neither on will jeopardize the relationship by doing something selfish.  That means you can’t have instant gratification all the time.  That means you won’t cheat when the opportunity comes up because you think you can get away with it because you will think about your spouse and know that your actions would hurt them.  You won’t stay out all weekend without calling because you will know that they will be worried to death about you.  You won’t buy the super expensive hot tub or the entertainment system you’ve always wanted without asking permission first because you know any selfish choice you make for yourself in the relationship will negatively effect how you get along.  You will ask your partners opinion on things and come to a compromise that honors both of you.  

It almost goes without saying because it’s so essential and most people will say they want it in a relationship but hardly anyone at all practices it.  Honesty is the foundation for a healthy relationship.  Honesty means telling your partner all your dirty little secrets, fears, fantasies, dreams, and insecurities.  Honest y is the ultimate measure of respect for your partner and it’s the cornerstone for two people relating in a way that will grow and build.  You must start by being honest with yourself.  That means you must be able to admit to yourself that you really do like the idea of having sex in a tub of chocolate pudding and that it’s not going to go away, no matter how much you want it to.  You have to tell be able to tell your partner all of the things that make you tick or otherwise you are only presenting a shell of yourself to your partner and you are not allowing them to love all of you.  If you have a sexual fantasy that you are afraid to share your spouse, that means you are ashamed of your fantasy.  If you are ashamed of your fantasy, that means you are not being true to yourself.  “But my wife will never understand that I want to get fucked in the ass with a strap on, she’ll think I’m gay.”  “My boyfriend will never understand that I want to be gangbanged.”  If you are with a partner who will not be willing to communicate and love you for who you are, you aren’t in a healthy relationship.  There is no consensual sexual fantasy or fetish that should not be able to be discussed.  You, as an adult, should be able to A.) point to the emotional need it fills in you and work to get that in other ways, and B.) keep in mind that if you choose to fulfill a fantasy without your partner, you’ve violated the rule of putting your partner’s emotional needs first. 

Honesty goes far beyond just sharing your fantasies.  You have to be able to tell your spouse that you peed your pants in the third grade when the teacher called you to the blackboard and you were nervous because you didn’t know the answer.  You have to be able to tell your spouse that your cousin molested you when you were 10 and it’s fucked with your head ever since.  You have to have a commitment to telling your partner that you’ve made a mistake and were unfaithful and let them choose how to process that information in a way that is healthy for them.   You have to not keep the information that the IRS is going to repossess your home for tax fraud you had before you got married.  Any time you keep a secret from your spouse, any time you lie, and time you allow dishonesty to come between you and your partner, you are chipping away at the foundation of your healthy relationship.   

“Well, I’m in a relationship and I know that he or she will leave me if I told them the truth about all the shit I’ve done.”  That is a glaring indication that you are in an unhealthy relationship.  There are too many things that will work to destroy your relationship outside your front door.  Again, you have to have a commitment to telling the truth and you have to have a partner that is equally as committed to telling the truth.  If you start letting dishonesty in your relationship, your partner will not have your back when the shit hits the fan.  Having a healthy relationship is not easy, in fact, it’s very hard.  Lies and healthy relationship just don’t mix.

Good communication is essential in building a healthy relationship.  You and your partner must have a way to disagree that doesn’t include yelling, screaming, and calling names.  Most of us don’t know how to do that so go get a book on communication or go to counseling.  You must be willing to let your partner be mad without getting defensive.  You must be willing to let your partner have the space they need in order to process their emotions.  You have to be willing to look things from their perspective and see things as they see them.  You have to be willing to find a partner that is committed to having the same standard to communication as you or else you’ve just entered into another dysfunctional relationship.

Similar belief systems are a key ingredient to building a strong, healthy relationship.  I’ve heard many people say that they want a partner who shares the same social interests as them but they don’t care what their philosophical, or political, or spiritual beliefs are.  That is a recipe for a shaky relationship at best.  It would be great if you and your partner liked the same music and movies and you both liked to bowl.  Those things are entertainment and it would be great to share those things with your partner.  If, however, you are looking to build a healthy relationship with you partner, those things are icing on the cake and not the key ingredients to building a relationship.  If you are a radical libertarian and you get involved with someone who thinks Bush is the best president since Reagan (which is saying a whole helluva lot) then you are going to be setting up arguments in your relationship about your core beliefs.  If you like skating and your partner likes chess but you both are staunch Green Party, Pro-Choice, Anti-war, vegetarian, Hassidic Jews then you can go out skating, your partner can go out and play chess and when you come home you’ll be share your thoughts and feelings over a plate of curry lentils and plan out a strategy to hug a tree and rally for legislation to bring our soldiers home.  Those are the things that will make the community better and building a strong community starts with building a strong family unit first.  If you like 50cent and your partner like Cold Play, you can set times to listen to your music and his or her music that doesn’t piss both of you off.  If you believe in your heart that a gay couple has a right to adopt and your partner does not, you are going to go to bed pissed off and mad many, many night.  

Compromise is a huge keyword for relationships.  People seem to confuse compromising with your partner and compromising your standards.  If you have done your homework and you are really interested in building a strong relationship, you’ve already decided what you need to emotionally fulfill you.  With that list in hand, you need to compare every person you meet to that list and decided which things are must haves, which things are “nice to haves.”  On your emotional list, you must be rigid in the selection of your partner because if you compromise on what you need, you’ll end up unhappy and miserable and you’ll end up sabotaging your relationship by trying to make your partner feel as unhappy as you are.  Now, there’s another list of things that you want in your partner, the physical things.  You want a partner that is a certain height, weight, complexion, hair length, etc.  Other than hygiene, treat everything on that list with a grain of salt.  “Oh, but I know what I like and I can’t change what turns me on.”  That’s great.  Mature adults in healthy relationships, however, can see far beyond the outside of the package.  Make your priority the qualities of the heart you are looking for and not the 38DDDs or the 10-inch dick.  Compromise inside of a relationship is essential.  Once you’ve found the person that has looked at their own issues, that is committed to being honest, and putting your feelings ahead of theirs, that is interested in communicating without yelling and has the same passions as you, THEN and only then can you compromise on what movie to go to Friday, whose parents you are going to for the holidays, and what to name the children.  In order to get the sort of person that is worthy of that sort of compromise, you must BE that sort of person first.  All too often, we say, “Oh, I’ll change when I meet the person that is worth it.”  Sadly, you have to change who you are first and then you’ll attract the sort of people that will be worth it.  

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