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The Dark Side

Everyone thinks that what they believe is right.  It’s the mind’s self-preservation response.  Most people aren’t self-aware enough to know what they believe or how they came to believe what they do or if their beliefs are based in truth or not, however, so they fight, argue, and debate things without considering that their core beliefs might be flawed or wrong.  People’s beliefs about religion, sex, politics, and race are so deeply entrenched, so inherent to a person’s identity; they just automatically assume that anyone who doesn’t believe the same things they do is wrong.   Tapping into that core belief, fucking with it, challenging it is what the very best psychological Dommes do.  They can ascertain a person’s core beliefs and manipulate that person’s mind until they are putty: broken and disoriented.  That is exactly what happened to David Osterhaus when he encountered a Dominatrix who shattered his world and challenged everything he knew to be true.  

On the outside, David didn’t quite have it all but he had enough to be respected by his peers.  On the inside, his entire life was a sham.  Not a nerd, not a stud, Dave was somewhere in the middle.  Standing 5’10”, 180 pounds, hair that was golden blond and curly for the first 6 years of his life was now mousey brown with lots of gray.  Any given stranger could stand toe to toe with him and not remember anything particularly remarkable about him ten minutes later.  He was 15 years into a 30 year mortgage that he was on track to pay off in 20 on a house that was soon to be an entirely too large empty nest.  His wife of 20 some odd years was nothing great to look at; she wouldn’t make anyone break their neck trying to take a second look.  Some people might even say she was boring but she was a helluva scrap-booker and she could make a crispy rice treat like no one’s business.  Donna was nice enough and well-thought-of in the church and community, meaning, she served her purpose and that was to be a good wife and mother and complete the image of what life was supposed to be like for middle-class suburbanites.  

David’s youngest was off to college in a few months, meaning all three children would be in college at the same time, and the thought of paying yet another tuition for the next four or five years almost made him want to get in his car and start driving and never come back.  He didn’t hate his job but he didn’t love it either.  It was a source of income and little more than that.  It more than paid the bills but he had enough debt that he couldn’t retire with no worries either. He had some savings, a retirement account, a few decent investments, a boat, and a classic muscle car he was restoring that gave him what little bit of joy he experienced in his day to day, mundane, routine, incredibly average life.  

Almost every day, certainly, every other day, David would head to his neighborhood bar to have a few drinks.  It was a Cheers sort of place where everybody knew everybody else’s name and they all wore their Redskin jerseys on game nights.  They all sat around and complained that Obama was the worst president in history, why we need to bomb those towel heads off the Earth, and burning faggots at the stake was a popular rallying cry among the patrons.  Well, okay, not literally burning people but that was the gist of their sentiments.  Most conversations these days were about immigration reform.  It wasn’t quite articulated that way.  It was more like how those damn illegal wetbacks were taking all the jobs and getting services that Americans, hard-working, tax-paying, English-speaking, real Americans couldn’t get. 

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AfroerotiK: The Dark Side (Complete Story)

For those who are true AfroerotiK fans of my interracial erotica and keenly observant, they will realize that this story is a sequel to the Dominant Black Tales story.  For those who are not as versed in my erotic tales, they can read the story of Bryan and his wife Rebecca in Dominant Black Tales. 

AfroerotiK Stands for Black Excellence

I want nothing more than the evolution of my people.  I want us to walk proud and strong and confident, knowing our history and not being ashamed of it.  I want us to be the best.  I want us to be articulate and informed, knowledgeable and wise.  I want us to be seekers of knowledge and masters of education.  I see absolutely nothing wrong with being mathematicians, scientists, physicists, physicians, even politicians if we have the best interests of our community at heart.  But not everyone is meant to be a scholar so I want us to strive for excellence in whatever it is we do as long as it is aligned with our collective good.  I want us to create great works of art and music and theater that will stand the test of time.  I want us, as a people, to be grand alchemists and metaphysicians, relinquishing the suffocating choke-hold that Western religion has around our necks.  I want us be physically strong, rejecting the poison we put in our bodies and vigorously pursuing a sound body and mind.  I want us to embrace the intellect we once possessed that allowed us to be the creators of all the humanities and sciences, that built pyramids and mapped the stars with greater accuracy than modern man can comprehend.  I want each individual of African descent throughout the Diaspora to know their special talent, what purpose they were born to fulfill, and to exploit it to the benefit of themselves, their families, our community and humanity. 

I desperately want us to be healed from our emotional, psychological, and mental wounds.  I want us to heal from our personal abuses and the collective traumas that were inflicted upon our innocence as children and our ancestors.  I want us to repair our broken spirits and fix the hurt we try to suppress.  I want our relationships to be healed, our communication to be clear.  I wish with all my heart for us to embrace honesty, integrity, and responsibility not because they are traits inherent to white people, rather they are the traits of healthy individuals.  I want us to put aside Eurocentric standards and rules and embrace what is holistic and pure and true.  I want us to evolve and grow and mature collectively; I do not want us to be happy remaining stagnant and complacent and dysfunctional.  We must rage against the machine of mediocrity to ascend to our true place of greatness.   I need for us to fight back against racism, oppression, bigotry, and the fallacy of white supremacy, to be armed intellectually to fight the battle against those who do not see our inherent value as human beings.  I want us to prosper financially, to provide for our families and to never know need or lack, but not to be enslaved to capitalism and greed and gross materialism. 

If we were to be citizens of the world, accepting and respecting other cultures but loving our own the most, nothing would make me happier.  Open-minded, non-judgmental, and progressive are characteristic I wish we all possessed as a race.  I desperately want us to love the skin we are in.  I want us to love our natural hair, our full features, our bodies whatever shape they are in, and the deep, dark, melanated skin from whence we all originated.    I think most of all I want us to release the shackles of shame that surround our sexuality so that we might know true freedom.  I want us to embrace and celebrate our sensuality, not be driven by our lusts.  I want us to explore pleasure without boundaries but not be a slave to it.  I want us to redefine our identities, to become more than victims of our circumstances but creators of a new paradigm.  AfroerotiK stands for the passage from dark to light, the transformation from stagnant to vibrant. 

In this nation, with its land stained with the blood of millions upon millions of innocents, we are completely backwards in our thinking.  Descendents of slave are ashamed of our past, embarrassed and humiliated because our forefathers and mothers labored like beasts under heavy chains.  Slaves were the strongest, most resilient, most persevering, most amazing people to be able to survive the physical, emotional, psychological, sexual, and spiritual abuse of slavery.  Consistently, Black people have the unmitigated audacity to say, “I’m sick and tired of seeing movies about slavery and butlers and maids,” as if they want to distance themselves from the reality of our past.  The noblest people to hold their heads high and live to see another day were our ancestors, who endured more pain than the contemporary mind can even comprehend. We come from a people who fought to survive, to love, to define themselves just so that today we can make celebrities of idiots and clowns, crave mediocrity, and defend dysfunction.  We idolize and emulate a race of people who false sense of superiority and arrogance are contemptible, shameful, and appalling.  I, even if I stand alone, am PROUD to be the descendent of cotton picking, nappy-headed, illiterate slaves for I honor and respect all that they had to endure, no matter how mundane, menial, and un-glamorous it was. 

Conversely, the descendents of slave masters walk around as arrogant as fuck, saying, “Slavery was in the past, let it go.  My ancestors never owned slaves.  Jews got over the Holocaust, etc., etc., etc.”  Slave masters, and overseers, and wives of slave masters, and white people in general were, for generations, the most reprehensible, evil, soulless, sadistic, cruel human beings to walk the face of the earth YET they are proud of their heritage, proud to be descended from people who administered beatings, lynchings, rape, torture, and abuse like it was their birthright.  They long for the good old days.  They covet the sort of power they had at the safe end of a whip again.  They arrogantly assert that the reason that they are economically, and educationally more successful as a race of people is because of their hard work ethics and superior intellect.  They fail to recognize just how loathsome, vile, and repulsive their beginnings in this nation truly are, that it was Blacks who built this nation, created its wealth with their spirits all but broken, their bodies bruised and beaten. 

greenatlas asked:

i appreciate your perspective and your willingness to share it with us all. We do need to discuss these issues and our varied perspectives on them. I'd just like to point out to the minority of your readers who feel the need to reduce every disagreement to straw-man rebuttals, name calling and "sit yo ass down", that they're bashing the very black folk they claim to be defending. It's ok to disagree, but let's do so with respect to each others dignity. Wishing you success and peace of mind. :)

I am incredibly grateful for your support.  Thank you. Black people are stagnating in complacency and there is a movement to rationalize and justify that everything we do is just fine.  I won’t ever cosign with that.  I get “haters” from people who object to my depictions of sexuality, I get dissent from people who don’t like my commentary about racism, and I apparently get an enormous amount of flack from people who mistakenly feel that I’m promoting Eurocentricsm (which is laughable)  But, no one ever said that shifting the consciousness of people of African descent was going to be easy.  I will fight on with your love and support. 

I got your anti-blackness right chere.



The Original Man

The power of a people reside in how they tell their stories. For descendents of slaves, African Americans, we don’t have many written records of the powerful stories our ancestors. The voices of those whose blood courses through our veins were effectively silenced by the system…

This made me cry. I’m am so heartbroken but in love with this all at the same time.

Thank you.  I’m so glad you appreciate my work. 

poeticslave asked:

Your post isnt helping anyone. It sounds very "holier than though" and it is definitely black shaming. Black people should not be judged by their vernacular and it does not make them less intelligent. You want to rid the stereotypes but shame "your people" at the same time. Its evil to live backwards. Bless




My post has allowed me to see that there is a new breed of educated Black folk that have internalized our status as inferior to mean it’s our culture.  Dr. Angelou, Dr. Angela Davis, even myself speak with a command of the English language and it doesn’t negate our powerful drive to lift the consciousness of our people. (I use those two examples as comparisons as people who are known, who more than likely speak Black English among friends and family, but who are outrageously articulate)  I don’t berate anyone for being able to speak both standard and Black English.  I do berate the system that has created a race who can’t speak standard English, who can’t communicate effectively.  These unified cries of my anti-blackness and self hatred are delusional.  I will die fighting for my people to know true freedom.  If you want me to say that true freedom is not getting an education, not reading, not knowing how to effectively communicate, not being articulate, then you should definitely block me because I love my people sooooooooooooo much that I want their evolution, not their stagnation. 

If you the definition of pro-black and black evolution then I don’t eem want it.

this nigga used maya angelou as an example of someone who spoke standard english



sit yo ankh ass down

No, this Black woman used Maya Anglou as a scholar who used BOTH.


All the shit I’ve written about being proud of being Black, all the shit I’ve written about being PROUD of being a descendent of slaves and servants and maids because there was nothing shameful about our ancestors, all the shit I’ve written so Black people can see themselves outside of the…

If you look at the totality of my blog, RARELY do I engage the people who disagree with me.  It has only been in the last two or three months that I have been forced to voice my concern with the logic that is passing itself off as feminism and this anti-black insanity.  Me not cosigning with the destructive and detrimental behaviors of my people does not mean I’m part of the respectability politics movement that I’m accused of.  I’m not here to look for praise and while I appreciate it, and I respond to each and every person who sends me a private message of support, I think that responding to positive comments publicly reeks of a sort of, “See, people agree with me,” desperation. 

But, that being said, I am exponentially grateful for the people who see my vision, understand my fight, and who believe in all that AfroerotiK stands for.  I will continue to wage the war against the forces that want to keep us oppressed and I am encouraged by the people who support me in my efforts. 

So, if I haven’t said it publicly, THANK YOU to everyone who stands in alignment with my efforts. 

Are there secret societies that have been formed to keep people of color oppressed?  Yes.  Do those men have super abilities, do they have access to mind control techniques that keep people of color hypnotized in order to exact their plans of global domination?  Not exactly.  What those secret societies posses are members who are egotistical and greedy and intent on keeping their illegitimate power.  Their ego is born from this belief that white men are special, that they have rights and privileges no one else is deserving of.  Their ego is what drives them to steal, rape, kill, and oppress.  Their ego makes them narcissistic bastards who sit around and try to figure out ways to control the money and power so that it doesn’t get into the hands of brown, yellow, or (what’s left of) red people.  It is nothing more than their ego that makes white men think that they have more inherent value than anyone else that has created this false sense of superiority.  Their ego is greater than most white men but it’s certainly not genetic and it’s not indication that they want to be Black or have a need to oppress people because they feel insecure because they lack melanin. 

From where did this warped sense of self originate?  How did white people first come to believe that they had dominion over the colored people of the planet?  I have no earthly idea. I can’t even begin to speculate.  I do know that it has infected every country, every place white people have been for thousands of years.  What I can do, however, is tell you how the fallacy of white supremacy has been able to flourish and metastasize in this country over the last 400 years.  There’s no magic to it, there’s no genetics involved, there’s no secret societal agenda, it’s pure psychology.  Understanding the mind and how it works holds the key to understanding how and why white people in this country have been able to dictate and dominate the minds of people of color for over four centuries. 

There is UNQUESTIONABLY a fallacy of white supremacy that dictates, rules, and poisons the entire world.  It seems that the smallest population of people have been able to order, control, dominate, oppress, and manipulate the earth’s resources so that they control and “own” damn near everything.  I say the fallacy of white supremacy implicitly because it is nothing more than illusion.  It’s a fallacy that they are superior, it’s not a fallacy that they have been able to take their inflated belief in self and transform that into global domination.  Does average white Joe or Sally believe that they are better than people of color?  Yes, that’s how the game is perpetuated.  Average white Joe or Sally has to believe that history started with their arrival on the planet, that white people are the originators of the arts and sciences.  They have to believe that whites made every technological advancement.  If they don’t sign on for the belief that whites were smarter, stronger, more capable, more civilized, more refined, more god-like than any other people, then the whole house of cards starts to fall.  Average Joe and Sally White has to believe that there is something inherent about them that makes them better, that makes them more deserving of peace, justice, and liberty than anyone else on the planet.  God is a white man thus white men have to be given more insight, more leadership ability, more spiritual stuff, right?  The air white people breathe has to be more sacred, the land they live on has to be more consecrated, more blessed, more protected than anyone else’s land.  Greece has to be the birthplace of the humanities, Columbus has to be the greatest explorer, Shakespeare has to be the best author, Beethoven the best composer, Rocky has to be the best fighter, Jesus has to have blue eyes and blonde hair, and white people have to believe that to be true from the time they are born in order for the fallacy of white supremacy to thrive.  White has to be right or the entire fallacy of white supremacy crumbles like a crunchy taco shell on Cinco de Mayo at an all you can eat Mexican buffet.    

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